What We Do

LAP services are provided by its Executive Director, Associate Directors, Peer Volunteers and support staff. Our services include:


The Executive Director or Associate Director will contact a member of the legal community to offer help – if help is desired. This is sometimes referred to as a “soft intervention”.


An intervention is a group process initiated by family, friends or colleagues with the objective of confronting an addicted member of the legal community with the facts of his or her using behavior. It is coordinated by either the LAP Executive Director or Associate Director and usually includes several intervenors. Interventions are well planned and rehearsed.

Legal Counsel

We have volunteers willing to provide Pro Bono legal assistance – particularly with regard to problems with the Law Society (such as discipline, practice standards or credentials).

Information + Referrals

Referral options and recommendations are discussed with clients regarding appropriate treatment, organizations, agencies and private practitioners. LAPBC provides information to the legal profession on issues of addiction and mental health problems impacting the profession.


Consultation is provided to law firms, organizations and individuals regarding problems in the workplace including drug and alcohol addictions and mental health problems.

Education + Resource Library

LAPBC provides addiction and mental health education to the legal profession in groups or individually. Our website and newsletters feature current information and links to other resources. The LAPBC office maintains a resource library for members use and provides training assistance.

Peer Volunteer Training

LAPBC provides training and continuing education opportunities to peer volunteers. By maintaining and improving their own lifestyles and recovery, our volunteers provide ongoing examples to the profession as a whole.

Workshops + Events

LAPBC’s workshops and events provide opportunities for members of the legal community to learn how to embrace healthier lifestyles. Our profession is undoubtedly enhanced when problems are confronted when they are small and we recognize behaviour patterns that could be improved.