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Five Ways to Limit The Impact of Mental Fatigue & Improve Decision-Making

March 17, 2016  Posted in: How To's, Stress Reduction, Uncategorized, Warning Signs

Most people would agree that they make poor decisions when they are stressed, hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  … Read more »

Depression: it’s more than feeling blue

December 12, 2012  Posted in: Nature of the Profession, Warning Signs

Depression is rapidly becoming the major health problem of our time.… Read more »

Some Tips on Warning Signs of Addiction

January 1, 2010  Posted in: Addictions, How To's, Warning Signs

It is often difficult to identify an impaired judge, lawyer, law student, or staff member because of his/her efforts to conceal the problem.… Read more »

Recognizing and Helping a Distressed Colleague

January 1, 2010  Posted in: How To's, Warning Signs

Research from Johns Hopkins University (1990) shows law to be the number one occupation for clinical depression.… Read more »



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