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Some Thoughts on Balance

January 5, 2016  Posted in: Addictions, How To's, Stress Reduction

Balance can be defined as the ability to respond to any demand and maintain an effective equilibrium.… Read more »

Lawyers in Recovery Have Low Claim Rates

December 13, 2012  Posted in: Addictions, Nature of the Profession

A recent study by the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program (OOAP) has demonstrated the truth of a belief long held by most insurers, state bars and assistance programs; that getting lawyers into recovery saves lives and dollars.Read more »

Some Tips on Warning Signs of Addiction

January 1, 2010  Posted in: Addictions, How To's, Warning Signs

It is often difficult to identify an impaired judge, lawyer, law student, or staff member because of his/her efforts to conceal the problem.… Read more »



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